Sale or Return

A sale or return scheme enables us to sell your car for you with all the perks of a trade service. We would fully clean your car inside and out, taking the best pictures possible increasing your chances of a sale. The car would then be advertised on our website being sold with a full warranty.

As a company we can offer the customer finance, warranty upgrades and HPI reports. All major card payments are accepted.

As we are able to supply this excellent service your customers would view the car in our showroom rather than at your home. The premises have heated offices, toilets, kitchen area and a waiting room with entertainment for adults and children. As a company we deal with all question and problems on a daily basis and we can use our knowledge and expertise to sell your car for you. Customers feel more at ease in these surroundings as it eliminates possible fraud and money laundering. With a debt counselling FCA license we can pay off any outstanding finance and give financial advice.

As a company we are fully authorised and regulated by the financial conduct authority (FCA).

The car would be stored in our locked secure unit, safe, clean and dry.

The showroom is fully alarmed and monitored.

We have kept the process as simple as possible for our customers. We agree a price that you are happy with. The car is then cleaned and advertised adding a percentage on for our overheads required to make a dealership sale. You receive the full amount agreed at the beginning of the process and we keep our percentage.

We believe selling your car through trade increases your chances of selling as it gives the buyers peace of mind.

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